There is a huge range of door entry equipment available from units with one button all the way up to digital units designed for use in multi-story buildings.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, a simple locked door restricting access to your business premises may not be enough to deter an intruder or unwanted visitors. Equally, locking doors throughout the day can be inconvenient, particularly when your staff are constantly in and out or you have visitors coming and going.

In addition, you may wish to restrict certain areas of your business premises to prevent access to unauthorised staff members whether it’s an office, factory, warehouse, workshop or nursing or residential home before you make the decision to answer or not.

At Access Gates and Shutters we are on hand to provide a range of solutions from single audio/video systems to multiple user systems. We can provide standard keypad entry systems to GSM solutions, which give you access control without cabling. We also offer Biometric Systems for multiple users.

Door Entry Stations
In most cases, door entry stations are installed outside a building at the main door. A visitor wishing to enter the building would be required to press a call button to make contact with the user who would then decide whether or not to permit entry.

Audio Handsets
Allow audio communication when someone calls from the outside door station. Pressing a button on the panel allows you to unlock the door for a set amount of time to allow entry. Handsets are specific to each system but there are universal types available designed to work with various systems.

Video Handsets
For use with entry stations, this option has built in cameras. Video handsets work in very much the same way as audio only handsets but provide users with the added benefit of video recognition. Video handsets are available as the traditional handset/monitor type or the more modern handsfree units.

Key Fob Entry Systems

Internal Key pad Systems

Electronic Key Pad Systems

Video Entry Systems

If your business requires an Entry system please feel free to get in touch, our team would be delighted to be of assistance.

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