Access Gates & Shutters are a highly experienced and well-respected gate automation company with nearly 40 years experience. Our highly skilled gate installation and automation engineers operate from our Headquarters based in Essex.

At Access Gates and Shutters, we work hand-in-hand with every client to ensure that your properties gate system and perimeter fencing are exactly what you want. We are on hand to assist you throughout the entire process to offer the guidance required to ensure all installations suits your needs and match the style and appearance of your property.

All Gates and perimeter fencing supplied and installed are bespoke to each client and are fabricated to order.

The design, Materials, Colour, and hardware of your gates and fencing are all available to match your requirements and all entrance/driveway gates supplied by Access Gates and Shutters are suitable for automating.

There are many factors to take into account when planning your entrance gates and perimeter fencing which include ground levels, the space required to maneuver your vehicles and any required parking space when your gates are closed. As a result, there are generally two types of gate, these are;

Sliding Gates

These are more popular for properties with limited driveways as, when opening the gate simply slides along the perimeter fence/wall and leaves the full length of the driveway free for parking and/or maneuvering.  Sliding gates also provide more strength and resistance to being forced open and as such provide homeowners with a higher level of security.

Swing Gates

These are generally the more popular option as the classic “Gate” style appears more in keeping with many properties. However, Swing Gates are generally a better alternative on level driveways the only negative being that there must be ample room for each leaf of the gate to swing unrestricted into the internal driveway which can reduce maneuverability and parking space within the property.

Gate entry systems

Sliding gates 

Swing gates 

Perimeter fencing

If you require gates and/or fencing please feel free to get in touch, our team would be delighted to be of assistance.

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