Security fencing is an excellent preventative measure to guard against intruder access and also act as a formidable deterrent against opportunist crime and potential attacks against public installations.

At Access Gates and Shutters, our security fencing provides solutions for a wide range of both residential and commercial applications, whether it is protecting residences from intrusion or controlling a perimeter of a facility. Our security fencing options include:

Vertical Bar Security Fencing which is an alternative to traditional steel palisade. Ideal for a range of sectors and applications, this fencing combines aesthetic appeal with high security.

Welded Security Mesh Panels Our welded mesh range has a number of types to choose from depending on requirements. Offering flexibility and security, welded mesh panels feature narrow wires making them almost impossible to climb while also being able to withstand significant force.

Metal Railings are a popular solution for residential areas and parks. With aesthetic charm and steel strength, metal railings offer a robust line of defence while also being low maintenance.

Commercial Security Fencing

Security fencing delivers ultimate site protection for almost any possibility, from vandalism and break-ins to high-level threats to critical infrastructure. Security fencing can also be tailor-made to accommodate site-specific threats, making protection at any facility the best it can possibly be.

Residential Security Fencing

Our security fencing comes a wide range of choices, with each type of fencing having varying security levels. For low to medium levels of security, a welded mesh fence would suit, however for higher security fencing we have a multitude of additional alternatives which include different styles of toppings that add different levels of security to your properties perimeter.

Roll-top security fencing

Decorative vertical Fencing

Steel Security Fencing

Mesh Security Fencing

If your business requires any form of fencing, please feel free to get in touch, our team would be delighted to be of assistance.

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